Girls, Why does she say random things to me and act this way?

Ok so I tried to add cute girl at college who I never spoke too , and she didn't accept but kept glancing at me in dinner hall. So 2 week after.. I find out she starts my class on Mondays., so at break I introduced myself. So she started to warm up to me and would play around in class and ask me loads of questions because I sat at her table until we we had to share emails to carry our work on I joked and said is this were u give me your number , so randomly she gave me her number and email 10 mins later when I forgot. So I sent her a text and randomly asked her on a date and said she hot which she says she's not single. 🤔 Even though she said she was in class. So I said sorry and avoided her for 2 weeks. Then during class she would always playfully call me names if I purposely ignore her. So I asked her why she wouldn't say nice things and she just stares at her phone , her friends now stare at me , whenever I see her and do t say hi she just stares at her phone e smiling to herself. But if in class she will talk but still smile to herself. But just because I spoke to other girls she said I seem to have my way with women? Like why does she do these things and say that stuff? I'm confused because She just randomly says it?


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  • she's playing games. Its annoying


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