Boyfriend cannot make up his mind about our relationship?

Me and my boyfriend of 7 years have not been doing things together for a month because by the time I get off he's going do his photography thing. Well I guess that was a strain on our relationship because he sits me down and tells me that he doesn't want to be with me anymore because we don't have sex as often, I then say well lets try and work it out and make time for each other but he doesn't want to try. This is literally blowing my mind how one day he's picking out churches for us to get married in then within the next two weeks he wants to be done. His excuse is that he thinks we're too young and he wants to experience more and he doesn't want to get married or have kids yet and that the only way we can be together if I agree to an open relationship because apparently whenever we had sex he doesn't feel anything towards me anymore. Of course I didn't agree to it he then told me that we're over. Few weeks later he tried to make out with me and have sex? Like what the hell is going on in his mind? I bought a house for us I pay all of the bills I cook and clean everyday just so he can relax and do his schoolwork I have done EVERYTHING for him and this is what he tells me... Help me get a better understanding of why this happened. I am a good woman it is killing me trying to understand how he can do this to me.


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  • I’ll never understand how blind women can be. The red flags are flying right in front of your face and you’re wondering why he’s acting like this. He’s not committed and wants an open relationship, that should have been the last straw. The longer you stay with him the more time he will take from your life. Get out now before it’s too late.


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  • it's simple. he not loves you for a while. he did scroll through churches cos he was interested in the "what if" then he realized he haven't even lived his young years yet. no dating around etc.
    you gave him a 2nd mommy comfort & sex. it was comfortable until he got bored of it

    • What's up with people saying shit like "I'm young I want to experience around" and throw away their relationships for that?

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    • Thanks for the explanation, I never looked at it from that perspective.

    • you're welcome 😊

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  • Wow he is so selfish. You are fooled by him 7 years? I feel sorry for u. He is fed up with u. You deserve a better guy who want to marry you and have kids. Leave him he is a playboy

  • I guess it's time for you to move away.. he is just trying to fill up his needs.. once he is through.. so would be you.. Things once told can turn to reality in no time.. Rest it's all ur decision. N how u feel about him still.


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