Would you consider being your ex's surrogate?

This one's a weird one.

I have an ex from almost a decade ago who I am still deeply in love with. I've never married, dated, or slept with anyone since.

I've recently gotten back in touch with her and she's been with someone the last two years. But when I finally saw her it was like coming home to feel the sun on your face.

I'm starting to get older and she's 7 years younger. I would want the child artificially inseminated with my sperm and her eggs. I don't know if she'd say no or yes. Probably would be better if she was already planning on having kids.

I have a feeling I would be an excellent father even if I was just a single father.
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  • Find out more if she wants kids of her own.
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  • I actually donated sperm for my sister's girlfriend. When that didn't work they tried actual insemination by me instead of artificial.


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  • It’s sweet you still have feelings for her, but honestly you have to see it how she’ll see it, it’s a little weird, especially since it’s been so long.
    Also, she’s dating someone, so maybe wait it out and swoop in if they break up?

  • what makes you think you'd be a good father?
    you couldn't move on for 10 years after an almost teen relationship... how long have you been together?

    • This wasn't in my teens. She was 19. And we had been best friends for 2 years before we dated for 6 months.

      I would be a good father because I've had good role models in my life. I can provide for any kids I have and I've always wanted to have children someday.

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    • I wouldn't deny her or the child any contact. I would move closer to ensure that they would be in each other's life as much as possible.

    • you know, there are more than 1 soulmate we can meet in our life. i understand why you have strong feelings for her, but you should accept that in this life you're not meant to be together.

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