Why did my ex send me a paragraph telling me how amazing I am after we broke up?

We had broken up a few hours hours ago when i got a text telling me how amazing i am and how grateful he met me. But he made no effort in the relationship?


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  • The you are nice but I see you as a friend speech. Breakup verz

    • oh well, i know i did all i could. If he couldnt see that, then thats on him.

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  • Don't reply. He's a loser.
    He feels guilty for hurting you and so he's only saying this so that you'll say "Aww you're so sweet" or something and then he can feel less guilty.
    Don't give him that. The fucker just dumped you. How pathetic.

    Believe me, this is a selfish action and he's not going to take your back or anything, he's only doing it so HE can feel better. Ugh.

    • I had posted on Instagram and he had seen my story, why is he checking up on me if he doesn't want to be with me? When he sent me the paragraph i honestly didn't know what to say, i always wanted him to send it to me when we were dating so it was whatevers to me, i had sent him a paragraph thanking him for everything but i guess he wanted to talk some more because he brought up something that was completely different from what we were talking about.

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