Getting a new guy back?

i was this guy’s first girlfriend. what is the best way to get him back? we were only together a month. and an hour before he broke up with me he told me he loved me for the first time, then he broke up with me, here was his reasons. it’s been 4 days since and he hasn’t tried to talk to me..getting a new guy back?


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  • Girl that men is a boy. Not ready for a woman like u. You go and be who u are, you deserve better :)

  • To be honest, he sounds really immature so my advice is to just leave him do what he wants.
    The more you are there begging him to take you back, the weaker you look.
    Tell him "okay" and then stop all contact, live your life and be happy... He'll probably come crawling back after the attention is gone. But if you're smart, by the time that happens you'll realise you no longer want him.
    There are plenty of other guys out there who won't have to question whether they want to be with you and act so immature, so don't put this loser on a pedestal. Surely you're worth more than that?


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