Heart is broken. Why did he call it off when everything seemed to be going so well for a couple of days?

My ex lover and I made up after our fight last week over the weekend. Everything was going great! We were texting and everything seemed to be fine. I sent him a face photo on Saturday morning and he really enjoyed it, he was talking about how fine I looked and later went to talk about the things that he wanted to do to me (sexually). We tried to have phone sex, but the phone kept cutting out then I didn't hear back from him until later Saturday afternoon. He text me, "I'm here baby." We continue talking a little into Sunday morning. On Sunday afternoon we were texting and I got tired, I fell asleep and I woke up and he texted me, "bye I guess" I don't hear from him at all on Monday like I would've hoped, I message him this morning saying that I hoped that he had a good day yesterday and I apologized again for falling asleep on him then I said good night and texted him a kiss. He replies back, "good night." Then an hour later he sends me another text saying, "let's not draw this out let's end things and go our separate ways." I was a bit confused, I thought everything was going well. We've known each other for 3 years now and I was s really hoping that we'd finally be together.

After all the fighting in the last few months he came back and wanted to try whatever this was again. One week we could be doing fine then the next we're in a fight. I know he has his moments, but just for a brief time this weekend I really thought things were going to change, he was showing me attention, he even said that he loved me when a few weeks ago he told me that he doesn't anymore. I'm so confused and hurting right now. Why is he doing this?

I feel like everytime he starts falling for me he pulls away. One minute he'll be falling hard the next I don't hear from him in days. I hate how he gets me to fall for him then he leaves. He wanted to come back a few weeks ago now he wants to leave again, I just don't understand.


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  • Lol he seems a big baby to me or immature guy. Leave him and text me. You will feel better talking someone as a friend.

    • I don't know what his deal is anymore, we went from a nice weekend to a crappy week lol. For once, or would be nice if he would be consistent. How I've felt never changed, but he keeps changing his mind every week. He is a big baby everything has to be his way or no way.

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    • He's 32 and I'm almost 25 he is white and I am black.

    • He is immature

  • He did right by ending things bc who wants to fight all the time? I know I don't. It's so much stuff going on in this world to be arguing and fighting with the one person you should be loving, doing fun things with, and building a future with.

    • He didn't leave because of that he texted me daying that he wanted to leave because I'm not always going to be there when he wants me to be and I am always here when he need me. IG was a BS excuse.

    • You think he didn't leave bc of that but I'm sure he factored that in when he made his decision. Why did y'all fight so much?

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