Guys, What does it mean if a guy put songs on his wassup status?


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  • It doesn’t mean anything unless it’s a song you like or someone else to get attention. Otherwise he is probably just sharing his joy from listening to his favorite songs.

    • If he copies the song tht I have put as my status. To his status then?

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    • We hardly talk and it's only good morning and good nyt texts we share. I like updating songs as my status now he also started doing it. Us he copying me if yes Thn why?

    • He is hoping you will notice and show more interest so he can feel safer making a move. As for the greeting and goodbyes a guy wouldn’t bother saying goodnight to just anyone if he is doing it with you consistently he is making obvious he is into you and same with greetings. If he wasn’t that interested and your not that good of friends he wouldn’t bother texting much at all. It sounds like he’s shy and is trying to test the waters.

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