I want my ex back after a month how do I approach this?

We broke up about a month and a couple weeks ago because she said we fought a lot and that she didn't feel the same towards me in the end ( we dated for 10 months), and i begged her back for a few days after then realized i needed to give her the space she needs so i cut off contact for 3 weeks and a few days ago i reached out if she wanted to get lunch and catch up and she responded after the longest two hours of my life "we can definitely talk the next time you're in town again, but I'm out of town with my mom:(" ( I'm a freshman in college about an hour away and she's a senior in high school). Ever since the break up she did a whole 360 and drinks heavily practically every weekend all weekend with her friends which she's never done before and i don't like seeing her like this because even though she broke my heart i want to save her from that. I've bettered myself and tried to move on but i can't seem to do it and i just need a second chance to show her the real side of me that cared for her; i admit i was an asshole at times but that was influenced from some friends which i shouldn't have let get to me and being that way isn't me i genuinely cared for her and saw a future together.


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  • You might not be able to get her back if her feelings have changed, that's the reality of the situation. Feelings don't go off an on like light switches. Hers no doubt changed over a period of time and they won't just switch back on. They may not be able to be switched back on full stop. This is why it's important to make the best of what you have while you have it, because life doesn't always give you second chances.

  • You don't. Find someone else, as they have likely already moved on


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