How long does it usually take to figure out your sexuality? Is our relationship recoverable?

My boyfriend who I was deeply in love with thinks he may be bisexual. He has struggled with it in the past and to be honest I don't see him as being bisexual but he says he thinks he might be. And I know I have to respect that but does this mean our relationship has to be over or is it something we can eventually recover from? I'm not ready to lose him and I told him I would wait. I really don't see him as being bisexual and he has told me numerous times that he didn't see himself with any guy. None of this makes sense to me. You don't just end a relationship when you are already deeply in love with someone.


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  • I'm gonna be blunt here... men and women were made for each other... if he feels he like men then he's got issues... maybe he was molested by a man at a young age? Anyways you are better off with a man who is 100% sure its you he wants.

  • Try and bring another girl into the relationship. Might help his curiosity.

  • Unless he wants to be with a guy, why is this even an issue? He should focus on you and you alone.


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