Should I text him to tell him this?

A guy left me and I already said goodbye and told him I couldn’t be friends with him. I told him that it wasn’t me who was losing someone who loved me but him who is losing someone that loved him, that at least I knew I couldn’t have done anything better and that I didn’t give up he did. I forgot to tell him while we were talking that he lead me on and had me hoping on him for three years when he knew how I felt about him and knew how things were gonna be and that’s so incredibly selfish. I don’t know if it is immature to tell him that. But I want to, should I text him that?


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  • It doesn't seem like he was as into you as you were into him

    He was someone that you were ready to do anything to be with, and you were just another filler for him.

    (Filler- temporary things to fill in for the vacant space or time

    • I know that thank you for reminding me it, but the question is if I should text him that to get it off my chest or it will sound immature

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    • I’m not trying to get him back, I just want him to reflect about what he did to me

    • I am not saying that you are trying to get him back.
      You have already bent over backwards enough for him, and he doesn't care about that.
      And tbh you bending even more to show him how much he hurt you is not gonna mean anything to him.
      He didn't care then, he doesn't care now.
      You should just cut him from your life completely

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  • Nein, it's pretty much over now and pointless, so you don't have a real reason to reestablish communication with him. Focus on yourself now and be happy.

  • It most likely would be fruitless so I say don't waste your breath

  • Why he left you?

    • Because we live far away from each other, but he knew I was willing to do anything to end up with him and he knew it from the start

    • wtf. then he didn't really love you.

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