Should I let him contact me?

Okay, so the guy that I've been seeing is living in Hawaii for 5 months. We have both talked about how much we'll miss each other and whatever, and are going to pick things back up when he gets back. However my question is should I just let him do the contacting first, or should it be both of us? Also, how often should I expect to hear from him and it still be okay to continue things when he gets back? If he is the one doing the contacting, what's the appropriate minimum amount that I should hear from him? (he's not going to school there or anything, he's just living with a friend for a semester to enjoy Hawaii)


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  • a healthy relationship LDR needs daily communication at a minimum or at least an explanation for the delayed period of no contact...the relationship can still grow/change during LDR so it continues from wherever that both need to initiate contact and not leave it one takes a minimum of two people to play any board game and love talk works that way


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