Would it be weird if I left a small note on his car saying I like him & would like to meet for coffee sometime?

The reason for the note is because I rarely see him , believe it or not he is my neighbor 2 houses down, I have walked and not seen him outside I know he works long hours ect.

I really like him & stop thinking about him. been a while since I had a crush.

If not considered weird , what should I say in this note?

I have never done that before lol.

I am anonymous because I don't want to be harassed , I am a regular member here

Sorry for the misspelling (smacks head)


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  • Awwww. A little on the "outside", but okay, without "knowing" you, I would refrain from judgement. Your crush might be receptive...

    But if I may, perpahs leaving him pie with a very "innocent" note on his front porch might be a little more effective.

    Remember, a Lady always has the advantage... there is no shame for a Lady to gently express herself to a man. Again, the word is gently. But if she does, only a jackass would reject this...

    A true man is very much like a true Knight, and no Knight will reject a Lady's company, even if it is not his One... a dance, a kiss, a meal is always appreciated. The kingdom is not won or lost by One encounter.


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  • umm...I would think it make be different, but if I had that done to me, I'd think that it was kind of cute. The only weird part might be that you've never seen him. So he might be taken aback...but, it's not a bad idea entirely.

    • I have seen him and he has seen me,, occasionally.. jjust never a right time to approach him, friends ,, him leaving for work ect..

  • I'd say it's slightly weird. But the circumstances do seem like you need to do it. But have you ever considered just calling him?

    • If I had his number , I might lol

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  • Don't do that. you risk losing any chance with him at all. The next time you see him, just stop, say hi, comment on the yard, start a conversation, and each day you can build on it. Trust me, its just creepy if he never notices you, and doesn't know who you are, but you leave a note in his car asking for a date. I don't know, grown people doing that, eh :/

    • The couple of times I did see him , he did seem to be taken by me, but he had friends around and all so I just kept on walking

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    • Yes you have an excellent point lol Thank you! .. WTF was I thinking .. a note ..

    • Haha. Don't worry, but all I'm gonna say, is don't get your hopes up too much. Just enjoy getting to know him, and talking to him.

      lol. It's cute you have a school girl crush, I can SOOO relate. Took me back to tenth grade.

  • I don't think it would be the "smartest" idea if you did that. You barely know this guy I'm assuming. Yes, it would be cute if you did leave the note but I don't think it's the right timing for you to do so. I would understand the note if you guys had a connection and talked for hours one night and you wanted to leave something to see if he wanted to go out again. But leaving a note right off the bat confessing your infatuation with him and that you want to meet when you or even he rarely sees you? Not a good plan.

    I think the next time you see him you should approach him and say "Hey!". Start a conversation and see when he's available. Talking in person is way much better because then you know if he's really interested or not

    • She doesn't have to confess in the note, thier neighbors she can use that

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    • Well yes talking is way better.. I just have to be patient I guess lol

    • Yeah I must have missed not read the whole title

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