Do you forgive people who cheat on you?

Can what happens from physical cheating be different than how
u might handle 'emotional cheating'?
cause honestly I draw the line at any place where disease is spread,
killer viruses like HIV is my best rationale for monogamy.


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  • I don’t tolerate cheating. Maybe once I’ve moved on, sure, because their stupidity showed me they weren’t right for me, but I wouldn’t forget.


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  • Absolutely. Because I like to be as realistic as possible about everything. When it comes to marriage, the percentage of people that get divorced, is much higher than that of those that get married. Also, women now have just as many sexual partners as men (possibly an oversight). These days finding "the one" is more realistically phrased as finding "the one for right now". People cheat more than ever, and it is glamorized. So not only do more people cheat these days, more people don't have to go farther than social media to find people trying to justify their behaivor. Chances are you are going to be cheated on in this day and age. The way I see it, adjust accordingly. I've been cheated on, but instead of let it get to me, I allowed it to get me a threesome. It's all about perspective.

    • This is a sad opinion, to me.

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    • Kind of sounds like a long winded case for taking it easy about being a literal cuck.

    • 😂 Usually people that don't read much share your opinion. To each their own. Good luck

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  • I think I would the first time. I'm very forgiving.


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