Was it OK for him to be talking to his ex?

At the start of our relationship my boyfriend use to talk to his ex as they did not have a messy breakup and remained friends,i asked him to stop contacting her which he didn't even try to do.Did he still have feelings for her.He also kept pics of him him and her and friends on his comp.His best friend is now meeting her and he doesn't seem to care as there still best friends ,the only doubt I had was why did his friend even bother to mention it to him as were living together the last year and there over four years so could someone please clear up why his friend told him that he had something to tell him in a drunken chat?


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  • There's not much to say about it. You either have to trust him which is important in a relationship. Or you could confront him about it, although that might just give off the image that you're controlling.


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