Guys: Ex Girlfriend Pics On Your FB?

I'm the ex. He broke up with me recently, broke my heart. We're not really talking now. I tried to go along with his friendship idea, that didn't pan out either as he sabotaged that as well.

So what gives? Why does he have all these pics up of us for everyone to see? In his profile pics and whatnot. He wanted to move on, how's he doing that exactly? Playing with my head?
PS I should mention he doesn't have a lot of pics up. So it's not like I'm mixed in there with a group of friends and a bunch of albums. !
PS I asked him to remove as well. Maybe he's just trying to annoy me. Yes, I'm sad/angry he ended it, but I don't like this dangling loose edges game either. Or keeping me in the sidelines. Not interested. Too hurt.


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What Guys Said 1

  • probablly just too lazy too remove them, also a picture is a memory so maybe he wants to keep the memory alive?

    • He's def not lazy. he lives on fb.. and he's constantly taking the time to update and remove some items.. new and old that he adds.. but I'm still on there. wth.

What Girls Said 1

  • I bet he's just trying to make himself look good on facebook. He's not coming clean with his image as to the fact that he dumped you and is ALONE now.

    • I'm going to have to say I agree. I told his friend (online of course) about us and how he did what he did.. his closest friend was SURPRISED.. had NO clue. there ya go.

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