Back in the friend zone?

Okay, here's the situation.

I met this girl through a friend, we started talking a lot on the phone.

it was a bit of a pain to talk to her, though. It was mostly her talking nonstop about her own life and not very interested in what I had to say.

This girl gave me an impression of being "promiscuous" and she had talked about wanting to have sex before. I took a shot in the dark and she pretty much said she only saw me as a friend.

needless to say...i wasn't very interested in being her friend...especially because of how fake our friendship seemed to be.

I stopped talking to her for that and other small reasons. that was over a year ago though.

She hit me up again through MySpace (which I don't use anymore), and asked me something random. she has a boyfriend which I asked about and ended the conversation there.

she once again contacted me via facebook, and initiated a chat convo in which she said "we should get together sometime".

she would have to know why I stopped talking to her, she knows what I was interested in.

so my question is...has she had a change of heart (even with boyfriend)?

or is she hoping I changed my mind and will want to be her friend?

i think it was very clear why I stopped talking to her btw


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  • Nope. She's still just interested in being friends, and either she doesn't realize or doesn't care that you want to be more than that.

    • Yeah well even if you don't realize it at the time, there's always an explanation behind your behavior.

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