Do men stop love easily after break up?

I would like to know if you men does forget women or stop love easy after break up especially if you broke up with someone a month ago? Is it easy for you guys to be with another woman so soon?


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  • A pride thing. They feel it they just try not to show it.

    • Thank you. It's good to hear from a man's point of view because we women always believe that you guys don't miss us or don't even think about us after a break up. Especially when you men move on like nothing never happen. So again thanks for the advice

    • If it were Love then the man would not leave the women at all..when they are in love they are there to stay and will do anything to make the relationship to work. If the relationship continues to fail over time,,,then it wasn't meant to be.

      But if it were one of those hurting relationships....( hurting relationships as in their is a lot of hurting going on between one another) then if you and this man broke up he won't show it at all....but only try to hurt you even more by dating another girl

    • A good relationship should not in my opinion have a foundation of feelings it should have a foundation of mutual respect between two people. From that mutual respect feelings will naturally come to be. Feelings change to often and can be irrational making for a much harder relationship.

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  • It's never easy to get over a love. But if there's another women in the wings then it's easier to keep her off our mind. We sometimes don't know how to handle big isssues like that so we tend to move them and put on a front. No guys is the same we all deal with stuff different.

    • Thanks a lot. We women always believe that you guys go with another woman because you're over us. Again thanks for the advice. It's good to hear how a man thinks

  • In my opinion...most men don't know how to deal with their emotions. So, it is easier to bury them and hide their true feelings. They go out and get in bed with another woman and escape what is needing to be dealt with.

    I have done this before. Jumping in bed with a woman right after a break-up and never dealing with...the loss...the guilt...the hurt...the sadness.

    There is never really any closure. It is just lost...and forgotten.

    • Thanks. I really love your answer. It's good to hear from a man's point of view instead of listening to what women have to say. We women always believe that men don't think about us or even miss us that's why it's so easy for them to be with another woman. Thanks again on sharing the experience you had. It was a great help.

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