My ex has been spreading rumors about me - what do I do?


I recently just got dumped by my ex-boyfriend over email. Since then with every girl he's dated since he's been telling them that I dumped him because he wouldn't have sex with me. Which is completely untrue. As I plan to stay virgin until marriage (cause of my religion and stuff) and I get girls coming up to me saying I'm a bitch and get over the fact that he didn't love me etc etc.

Also he dumped me "apparently" because I didn't spend enough time with him becuase I'm in my final year at school and he is a stay at home dad (he's 19). I don't know why he's doing this to me and I really want it to stop before I start crying.

I'm not sure what else to put here other than I think he's just doing it for sympathy with other girls. But why would he need to though?


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  • "Stay at home dad" at 19? Did I read that right? If I did, then why do you worry about what he does, he obviously has enough shit to deal with, thus the rumors.
    I would cut off contact with the lad, and ignore the rest, being "a stay at home dad at 19" will give him enough shit as it is.

    • Yes he needs the sympathy, getting all the support he can, he is obviously feeling extremely isolated with loads of trouble on his hands...

What Girls Said 1

  • What he is doing is petty and rather low. It is apparent that the girls he is dating and telling this about you, are just as bad as him. He is a stay at home dad, so he should get a back bone and grow up and take responsibility for what ever he says and does.

    He is trying to tarnish the good name you have so he can look good in others eyes. He needs to stop this asap, as you know yourself, though, what goes around comes around.

    He took the easy way out to break up with you and was not man enough to tell you face to face. He is immature and not worth it.

    This may be of some help to you


    You are getting on with your life and are doing the right thing. He is totally not worth it. You need to keep busy. Just be patient. Perhaps you could talk with a counsellor at your college, you do need someone to talk this over with.


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