I texted her about a week ago and haven't gotten anything back. Am I screwed?

So I like this girl but she lives about 10 hours away from me. She came to visit about 2 months ago and I could tell she was somewhat into me because of how she looked at me and she sent a text to her friend saying I was hot. We hung out with a couple of her friends and mine and she starting flirting with me (Trying to screw me in over in drinking games, asking me to teach her guitar etc) I suck with flirting cause I'm very new to it and I came on to strong (alcohol and lack of knowing wtf to do) I texted her "Hey *name* How are you doing?" about a week ago and haven't gotten anything back. Am I screwed? And any advice on how to possible approach her next time I see her would be nice. Thanks :)


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  • Hard to say if you are screwed... personally drunk guys are a huge turn off, no matter how hot I might think they are.

    However back to your more immediate question. If you've only sent her one text, maybe she didn't get it? Or got it and wasn't able to reply right away... or maybe she just didn't remember you? (hey it's possible lol)

    Next time you see her, just be cool about it. Smile, greet her with her name (brownie points when a guy remembers a chicks name) and be prepared to offer a quick follow up of who you are and how she may know you.

    Humor is a good lead in too, so think up some smoothe lead in lines to get her to laugh or smile and break any possible tension.


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