Do all guys try to cheat on their girlfriends?

Every single one of my friends boyfriends at one time or another has asked to be with me. They try to tell me that they are unhappy and their girlfriend are bitching etc. But when I see them they seem happy.

I don't understand why if they have a good thing going they would think to hit on me and want me to get together with them while they are still my friends bf.

I love my friends and would NEVER do that to them EVER. But I'm hating going around them when their boyfriend are there cause I know that when we are alone at all they will make the moves. Seriously I'm not going to have any friends left if I tell them either that their men are dogs. I'm stuck and I wonder what I do to get this attention from them. Honestly do all guys holla at other girls when they have a gf.

Seriously I feel like I'm in some Jerry Springer show.


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  • 50 to 80 % of men will cheat, not all do. Men who are religious ie go to church regularly, have a higher education uni etc and have a high income are less likely...

    • I don't think its got to do with education or income, its just down to plain moral decency. Plenty of intelligent rich guys cheat, so do plenty of unintelligent poor guys. Its in the personality and whether they were brought up to see women as an object or a person, and sex as something intimate or just a fun pass time.

    • These aren't my opinions but published research, books and news articles ....

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  • not all of them, only the simple minded douchebags

    and you should warn your friends about them, this isn't about them liking you in the end, this is about you being a good friend. cause it will be worse if you don't tell them and they find out and get mad at you for not warning them.


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  • Well I totally disagree and ask opposite ques do all girls cheat? I had 2 gf's til now nd both cheated


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