Need to return this to an ex?

I have my exes favourite hoodie still, and after we broke things off a couple months ago, he hasn’t really spoken, he has a new girlfriend now, which lead to him unfriending me and unfollowing me on everything.
I need to return this hoodie, I’m sick of looking at it and having it in my house. However, he’s moved houses since we broke up so I don’t know where he lives, and I don’t have a way to contact him online. He never mentioned the hoodie after we broke up, and we were never on speaking terms as soon as it was over. School is over for us (summer holidays) and so I have no idea how to get it back to him.
How could I do this?
Again- he hasn’t reached out to me to ask for it back or anything either.


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  • Gift d hoodie to someone poor...
    As it is he wouldn't ask it back either

    • M glad that my opinion was helpful😘😘keep smiling n b happy 😊🤗

Most Helpful Girl

  • Girl if he hasn’t reached out he can’t be bothered about it, and it would probably be the worst idea ever to see him.

    Just toss it in the trash or donate it to charity :)

    • I know this is his favourite hoodie, and was extremely expensive. his girlfriend is very controlling over him, which is maybe a reason he hasn’t reached out?

    • Meh, I mean if you ended on good terms then maybe get a mutual friend to ask him. If it ended on bad terms I’d burn it hahaha!

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  • Throw it away and leave the man alone, he wants nothing to do with you.

    • Okay rude. I didn’t say I wanted anything to do with him either. I just needed to return the hoodie. It’s not that he doesn’t want anything to do with me either. Because until his new girl came into the picture, he would still talk to me occasionally.

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    • Hahaha and now he is deep in it.

    • Oh well, not my problem, I didn’t ask for that hug, so his fault whoops

  • He is simply enjoying his life.. and look what u r doing

    • I am enjoying my life, I just thought I’d do the kind act of returning this to him

    • Dont use it. If he want he wil contact u

  • Mail them

    • Like an email?

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    • Yes we do have a postal system, but we write down our address and if it’s changed we let them know.
      He got a new phone just after we broke it off, he got a new sim, and I was pretty upset at the time so I didn’t put in his number after he put it on his Snapchat story (before he blocked me ofc)

    • Don't worry he doesn't want the back just burn them throw them away or gift them to some else it is close to Christmas

What Girls Said 1

  • Keep it till he asks.


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