Her ex boyfriend beat her up and possibly raped her!

We have a long-distance relationship. I live in Canada, and she lives in the US.

A few minutes ago, we were texting each other, and she seemed alright. Then just now, she seems depressed and sad all of a sudden. She says she's frustrated, and I ask her what's wrong. Then she tells me to "kill her".

She said that many times and it took me a while to get her to tell me what's up with her. Then she finally told me that her ex boyfriend just came over to her place and beat her up and "did more than that too".

I'm assuming she's just been raped. I asked her if she called the cops and told her dad. She did already and said her dad doesn't care, WHICH IS BELIEVABLE (her dad has been a d*** to her ever since we've been together and before that as well).

How am I to comfort her? I don't know what to do..

She can't be lying and be depressed about something else.. she just got a job today. She's 18, I'm 16 PLEASE HELP!


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  • police bro,

    they provide care and everything.

    and as she knows him he'll go down, I mean, if she was at home and he busted his was in, how many offences do you think that is? loads mate.

    iv had a friend that got raped and beat by her ex and she said the best thing that happened was a friend that told police, cause she couldn't (for reasons such as confidence and embarrasment)

    do it man


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  • The best thing you can do is be a source of support for her. Let her know that you care, she can contact you any time to talk and she will make it through this. You did the right thing by telling her to go to the police. I hope she gets a protective order against the ex and seeks counselling. If she hasn't then tell her to do these things too. Your options are limited since you do not live locally however the most important things she needs now are support and authentic friends.

    • Thanks, I've gotten her to lay down and take a rest and ice herself, her body doesn't hurt as much anymore. And I've gotten her much calmed down by telling her how much I love her a lot. I'm trying to not talk about what her boyfriend did as much as I can, I'm just trying to comfort her. So I still don't know if she's been raped or not..

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  • If she won't go to the police,herself, there isn't a lot you can do legally. Thee are crisis centers for women; try to find the phone # and address for one. It couldn't hurt to talk to the police yourself;


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