How do you move away from home after college?

What are the steps I need to take, and in what order?


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  • You need to have some way to pay for wherever you are living, so get a job. You need to look for places to live, check out listings online or in newspapers. Even walk or drive around the area you want to live in to see if there are any signs up for places for rent. When you find a place make sure you can afford the rent, as well as living costs on top of rent (food, electricity, internet, entertainment), and it's usually best to put a bit of money away if you can, so you have some on hand if you need it in an emergency. If you can afford all that you just need to sign the lease and move in.

    You can also look for people already living in places who are trying to fill extra bedrooms to split the rent. Craigslist works pretty well for that I've heard.


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