Is there any slowing down something you fast paced into?

A guy and I held a friendship last year for some time, but he got involved in narcotics and music and I let him go... we've been talking for the past month, and met up just the other day for the first time in over a year... I didn't Intend for things to be so comfortable so quick, but we made out after snuggling in bed ... after he leaves, my conscious happens to come back from vacay, and says ''why are you moving so quick''... I promise myself to chill... few days later he wants to take me out to Lunch, it's delicious and he's a gentlemen and we're cutting up having a good time... next chance I get him alone BAM I'm all over him like peaches & cream ! This is madness and I don't know how to stop myself from this dude... his smell makes my inhibitions go out a window, and that's so not me... is there any way to slow things down that I've fast paced my way into ? Thanks


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  • The only thing wrong with it is the narcotics! D:<

    Damn those drugs... DAMN THEM!

    To me, I think you should get him addicted enough to YOU that he'll let go of the drugs (:

    Keep going to him, get him addicted, then layeth down the smacketh down.

    "If you don't love me enough to stop the drugs, then your habit will ruin our relationship and I cannot stay with you."

    If he can't agree to your terms, which honestly, is safest for both of you (him his health, you your heart) then he's just not worth it.

    Ooooohhhh but for slowing it down... I think you should just tell him that when you saw him, a rush of passion overwhelmed you and you didn't know what you were doing. Tell him the truth, everything that you told us; even the thing about the way he smells! (It's presh!) Then tell him you're nervous and want to try to slow things down a bit (: I'm sure he'll understand!

    GOOD LUCK, GIRLIE! (And make him drop those drugs! It is NOT productive to a healty relationship!)



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