Can someone explain to me what flashbacks are in relation to drugs?

I don't really know what they are, but I tried ecstasy a while back, and when I was on it whenever anyone touched my head I would get goosebumps and tingling in the spot they touched.

But its like six months later and every now and then, I get that same feeling on the side of my head. I got told it might be a flash back? But I don't know what that is? and wouldn't you only get those from doing like real hardcore drugs like heroine?



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  • There are ectasy like drugs that can do it such as benzylpiperazine; DMT, or dimethyltryptamine, a powder smoked for an LSD-like trip; and quaaludes. A flashback is exactly what you have described, experiencing the same sensation that you had when you were on the drug.

  • Doing harder hallucinogens effect your brain permanently. My sisters did LSD a long time ago, and a while after we we're sitting in the woods and one of them started looking around saying the forest looked like it was on LSD. So a flashback is just what it sounds like a quick sensation of the drug.


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