I think my ex boyfriend thinks I like his best friend.

OK, so fairly long story but I'll try keep it short. Two months ago, I found out through one of my guy friends that my boyfriend at the time was going clubbing and he didn't tell me, granted I didn't ask either but at the time I was p*ssed off about it. That night I went and hung out with my guy friend (who is also a best mate of my boyfriend at the time) that night my guy friend, we'll call him Dick, told me he liked me since he first met me. I didn't say anything back to it because well, I had a boyfriend and I don't look at him that way. About a week after this, my boyfriend started ignoring me, wanting nothing to do with me, he broke up with me, no reason just through a text saying I think we should just be friends. I didn't argue against it or anything. Anyways, him and Dick* have now been hanging out heaps and so have me and Dick, I look at him just as a mate but Dick keeps telling me how much he likes me and that there has to be something between us because we can't just be friends, I told him he was just my best mate. He also told me that everyone thinks we are sleeping together, which we are not! And he said he hasn’t said we’re not because his sick of explaining the way things are and they can think what they want. I don’t want him to say this, I told him that but he continues it regardless. Anyways, my point of this is could this be the reason my ex broke up with me? Because he thought I liked his mate? I mean, it explains a lot of things that have been happening lately. I don’t like Dick, I want my ex boyfriend back but he won’t exactly give me the time of day to you know, tell him what is actually happening? If I send a text, he ignores me so I gave up on that. I don’t know what I can do?


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  • You can stalk him till he changes his mind, abduct him and try and brain wash him or mabye find someone else...


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