How do you know when your man is cheating?

i feel deep in my heart that my man is cheating I haves dreams that he is cheating.i don't kno what to do.


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  • I often have the same problem (As does a lot of the rest of the population), I worry a lot about my boyfriend doing something like that, but what can happen is that the worry can cloud what you really have together. If he's never given you a reason to worry, then don't. If he's never given you a reason not to trust him, then don't.

    If he's making time to talk to you each day, and says loving things to you, I don't think you have much reason to worry.

    If he's having a night out with the guys, ask him what he did and how it went, if he's been loyal to you, he should be able to give you a detailed description on what went on without hesitation.


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  • Trust your womans intuition! Read my questiion, I fully trusted my man and was never given a reason not to but my gut was telling me different! I looked into it and boy was I surprised =(

  • You simply ask him if he is. If he says no, believe him and drop the subject. If he says yes, well that depends on you and where you want to go from there.