How do I know if someone wants to be my friend?

We met in high school our soph year and since then we've been going out, parties, and spending the night at each other houses up until the very last day (graduation) and after that we haven't met up since...being a year later. We did text once afterward but she pretty much asked me if there was a party happening around me (which there wasn't) and that was the end of it.

The part that had me doubting if we're truly friends is the fact that she's not the type to always want to be around the same people all the time.

I'm asking this because I'm thinking about texting her to say "how you been" but I don't want to stick my neck out when she never called to see how I was doing and I don't want to appear desperate for friendship.


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  • Well if you spent time with her yes, she could be very social and likes lots of people around her. She would probably wouldn't mind hearing from you but probably busy doing what she does.


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