My ex and my boyfriend are talking?!?!!?

Well my ex of a year use to be really close with the new guy I'm going out with. My ex dumped me a really crappy way, and I guess my ex and my new boyfriend have communicated.

Last night randomly at like 12 I guess my ex texted my new boyfriend asking how I was doing. My boyfriend told me he also commented on how lonely he was and how no girl wanted to date him. And other stuff about how his mother might get a job and the school my new boyfriend and I go to.

But my new boyfriend got the vibe that he wanted to talk sh*t about me...because earlier when we first started going out my ex told my new boyfriend through text about why he broke up with me.

I guess my ex is also telling him sob stories, and how I'd always get mad at him for not texting me...this story about why he decided to break up with me...



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  • Stay calm.,there communication probably won't cos any damage if your new boyfriend really loves and cares about you,.dnt move too fast and remember to not have any sexual with him before your relationship is up to 2 or 3 years...


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