Subtle ways of letting a guy know you like him?

Guys, are there any ways a girl could sort of let you know that she likes you without being to blunt? I know guys aren't that great at picking up hints...


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  • Guys aren't great at picking up hints because young girls are terrible hinters. No, a smile and hairflip doesn't automatically mean you're in love with someone and want them to ask you out.

    I know it's hard, but today where there's not really a chivalrous code of courtship guys have to follow, you actually have to do that one thing... ahh crap what's it called... you know, where you don't just sit on your ass waiting to be wooed by an empath who you can presume knows what you're thinking... oh yeah, WORK. You have to do WORK.

    Yes it's kinda scary, and yes maybe you'll get turned down. Tough titty.

    • Wow, harsh! ha ha Why aren't guys chivalrous anymore?! I don't get it ha....what happened to kill chivalry?! You know, girls still like it...even though it's not gonna come back to life?!

    • Girls may still like it, but the whole "equality" thing more and more is killing the need for men to do all the extra sh*t they used to have to do

  • i usually need a blunt instrument to the back of my head before I can pick up hints-even then I would freeze up and shut down and then it's over

    • Huh. I never would have thought about that. What if a guy is your friend and he doesn't feel the same way? Then would it scare him away to where he never wants to talk to you again?

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