Why do guys want you back after they cheat?

All you guys out there this question is really important!

OK me and my Boyfriend just broke up this is how it happened! OK he sends me a text saying omg kaleigh my ex is pregnant with my kid and she says that if I talk to you that I won't get to see my kid EVER! so font text me ever again that s so messed up! He knew about this we were going out. For 3 weeks but yet the baby is due Monday! He said he wants me back when the baby is born should I take him back?


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  • I'm sorry but don't take him back.

    i was almost in the same problem once.

    me and this guy had just met but he told me that he would be a father soon. Honestly, I was okay with it because that doesn't make him a bad person but whenever him and his girlfriend would fight...he would turn to me and tell me this crap about how he loves me. then after their big fights they would get back together a day later and have make-up sex.

    i always felt horrible and that basically ruined my whole freshmen year of high school.

    so, I told him that I just don't feel the way he wants me to about him. He got mad and always tried to get me back but then out of no where he goes to a new girl and they started dating but someone told her and how him and his girlfriend were not over at all.


    so, all I'm trying to say is, don't take this guy back.

    he just wants you for when his baby's momma has a freak attitude problem.

    Get over him, you're way top good for a guy like that.

    --Love, Little Foot<3


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  • Ive gotta tell you...thats really messed up...its a conflict of interests when he has a baby...do not continue this relationship...a baby is definitely a RED FLAG


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  • Because they realize how amazing you are and realize the mistake they've made. are they're assholes and that just need someone to go back to at the end of the day. And don't take him back. Once a cheater always a cheater. I learned that he hard way, 6 times. I guess that makes me dumb.

    • Girls who get cheated on multiple times are not dumb, just young and inexperienced, unless you see the change in his attitude through daily actions (not just "i love you") , don't take a guy back... but there's always that one stupid guy that made a BIG mistake cheating and they actually are sincere.

      - If he tells you what he did and begs for forgiveness (then consider taking him back)

      -But if you even suspect that he's back to his old ways, drop him, you deserve better, all girls do

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