How do you know when you've moved on?

I know I haven't moved on yet...

I still think about her all the time. Everything always reminds me of her. Deep down, I really want to talk to her. I'm sure I wouldn't be able to stand it if she went out with another guy...

so, will all of these need to change for me to have moved on? Or is there a key one that trumps all others, i.e. being comfortable with the thought or reality of her with someone else?


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  • It really is hard to say as some people move on quicker than others. . There is no magic key to getting over someone. I know all to well myself, how tough it is to get over someone, it is actually harder if you remain friends as you hear about them seeing other people and its like having your heart broken all over again.

    It is amazing how people can affect a person so much , that they can stop enjoying life and feel that a part of them is missing and they cannot function without the missing part and everyday is a challenge, whereby you think of the person, have reminders etc, which basically takes up a good deal of your thoughts and time. You probably still feel like you are just functioning and like every other second is her name.

    Ok, you could answer this question to yourself. do I want to feel happy or miserable? Do I want to sit and think about someone everyday who is not in my life anymore and perhaps miss out on lots of good things in life, such as going out with friends and having fun, starting a new hobby or interest. Joining a group and meeting new people etc.

    Sometimes life can deal you a bad blow and this is one of those times. You have to be really patient with yourself. Time isn't always a healer but action is a better plan. So you could write down everything you feel about your ex and how you feel. Once you write it, then read it back and really look at what you have written, from an objective point of view. Then put it away safe somewhere, after a couple of months take the paper out again and re read what you wrote, and see how much of your feelings have changed.

    In the meantime you need to not be about places where you used to go with her, but go to new places and start enjoying yourself.


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