Should I wait for him to contact me?

Two weeks ago my ex asked me out again, but I was mad at him at the time so I kind of blew my chance. I tried to talk to him a few days later, but he ignored my calls. Should I try one more time because maybe he's not as mad anymore or just wait for him to contact me?


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  • Always give him a call,maybe on day,he might change his mind towards it,but at first,it wasn't fair to ignore him cos since he's your 'ex',he still care 4 u,and maybe wanted a second chance and then you got mad at him..

    • Do you think he might not be as mad if I give him a call next week? I just don't want to seem clingy.

    • Seeming clingy shouldn't be the issue..make sure you have confidence in yourself..give him a call,speak your mind,apologize 4 what so ever he thinks that made him made at u,if he still act madly at u,then tell him that you are sorry,and then say byee and switch...dnt give a call anylonger if he doesn't call or text..

  • Hi...u shud wait for him...thus he ignored your call that's y ...besides he was your ex boyfriend ...isnt it ? at present if you are continuing any relation with any guy...then I tell you not to wait for your ex...thanks...bye


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