If you let a guy know you like him, would he let you know if he had a girlfriend?

I do not know this guys dating situation, but this guy shows signs that he likes me -- staring, etc, so after some flirting and me trying to send signals that I was interested (although I heard guys don't get signals well), I decided to let him know that I like him. As a result, I have been getting positive feedback...hellos, waving, smiling, blushing, which is giving me the impression that he definitely feels the same, although he hasn't spoken to me about it. Since I do not know his dating status, I have a question. IF he is already dating someone, then wouldn't he go ahead and let me know, now that he knows that I like him? Or is this positive feedback his way of letting me know he is interested until he gets the courage to act on it? What would the guy do?


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  • I do tell as soon as I figure out she's interested(as you heard sometimes you have to spell it out, ugh signals), been on the other side of this and it sucks. I do know a few guys around my age(29) that do as biannnnnnn said and want a girl on the side crap and some that won't tell you because they like the attention but won't act. I think most guys wouldn't let it go to far. I do act slowly sometimes even when I'm sure she has an interest. I'm not shy and rejection doesn't really bother me it is hard to explain but sometimes I over think things, is she just being nice, is she playing and I'm taking it seriously, etc. I do better if I just act and take whatever comes.

    • Exactly! re: sometimes I over think thingsas well in thinking about the guy....maybe he is just being nice, am I reading too much into how he is acting, etc. So I figure what have I got to lose by letting him know I like him. I didn't expect him to come running into my arms shortly after and figured (as long as he is not involved with someone else...which raised the question I posted), that he would start showing interest back in his own time and way. So as long as I see progress forward.. :)

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    • Were you and the girl you see on weekends able to get it worked out? Hopefully things went well for you.

    • Yes and no, things have been going well however I introduced her to a close friend and they spend a lot of time together while I'm at work. This friend has a habit of talking people up she means well but ugh now this girl thinks she is not good enough for me. How have you been?

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  • Not if he planed to have a fling or just friends with benefits etc...

    • Then not a guy I would want then anyway.... :)

  • Even if a guy is dating or in a realtionship he won't look a gift horse in the mouth, he will take advantage of the situation or just flirt and enjoy the attention.

    • Same as I noted above...Then not a guy I would want then anyway.... :)

  • He should...

    If he's not a player or attention-whore.

    • I don't think he is a player at all.

    • He doesn't have to be a player per-say. There are some guys who wouldn't cheat, but might encourage flirting from a girl who acts interested, mainly for the attention.

      But if you were very serious and straight-forward about telling him you like him, and especially if you told him in person, I think he'd be compelled to tell you he had a girlfriend. Ethical guys generally don't play games or mess around about that kind of stuff.

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  • Welll if you let him know that, you like him. Necessarily he doesn't have to tell you he has sumbody else on the side. You would think that he would go ahead and tell you or the other girl that he doesn't want to see her anymore. See some men like to have another girl on the side. Hopefully he will tell you and everything will workout. gud luck

    • Yes, I hope he would tell me. It would be an easy out for him if nothing else, if he decided he didn't feel the same about me. Thanks!

      Obviously just depends on the type of guy.

    • Yes your right on that. Well gud luck.

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