My ex girlfriend just wants to be friends! What does it mean?

Hi there. Basically, my girlfriend and I were in a relationship for 3years and 8 months. The last 9months had been a long distance relationship while she's back in the country already for a month. She suddenly told me she do not love me anymore and wants to break up with me. Her reason being our characters don't match and she can't tolerate me at times. As such, she lost the vision in the future for us and she said the only vision she sees currently is the vision of her being very upset. This happened a few months ago she said. That's why she wants to break up with me. But she said she wishes to become friends with me! What does she mean? And she seemed to move on quickly and said she do not think much of me.But she had been initiating quite a few conversations with me and when I asked her why, she said just showing care and concern as a friend. Why does she wants to be friends with me if I made her so upset? Can anyone explain? ):


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  • It means she wants to stay connected to you. There's nothing wrong about that.


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