How long did it take you?

How long did it take you to get over your ex?

Even if he dumped or got dumped...

I wish I could erase my first boyfriend, I still think of him.


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  • Its been a year and I am still not over my ex. He has moved on and dated different girls since me.

    People can affect your life, if they have had an impact/changed your life in some way. can make it harder to get over them.

    Men do move quicker than women, but then men make many mistakes and sometimes wind up with their ex's cps everyone else is a clone of their ex girlfriend and not one can compare with the original and best ( so my friend tells me!) so got ma fingers crossed and a whole lot of wishing!

    • Hey! yeah its been a year to for me. I am glad I am not the only one. My ex has dated a lot of women too. And what does CPS mean? lol

    • Oh lol ...cps actually was a typo...Its meant to be ..cos..

      if you look on the keyboard the o and the p are next to each other!

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  • My 'first love' was actually in grade 4. I don't even know how old that was off the top of my head but I know it was dang young.

    He and I were as much boyfriend and girlfriend as children can be at that age, and then through the grades up until 9- when junior high kicked in and he branched out with his friends and drifted away.

    i'm all grown up now and I still have dreams about him. I got to see him again last year and he's sure changed- in the worst way...but I still hold onto the him I knew when I loved him as mine.

    My point? Someone you gave your heart to won't ever leave it. It's just up to you how you package their memory away within it so you can either move on with your life or pine away.

  • Was with him 8 1/2 years, took me just under a year to get over him...i never experienced pain like it.

    He finished me and got with someone instantly...

    You will never forget but one day move on and realize that you were not meant to be.

    I've since seen my ex boyfriend and I cannot believe I let him hurt me so much...and I'm actually happy that it happened and I never thought I would say that...good riddence to bad rubbish! x

    • Does he speak to you when you guys see each other?

      why are you so happy now he did dumped you?

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    • Oh good...I can't wait to finally be in your shoes.

    • You will be just give yourself some time.....however much you need...and you will be fine. x

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