Ex boyfriend dating my ex friend.

I had recently broke up with my ex bf, and he started dating my ex bff. and we are cool and all but I love him. I told him that but he says good joke you played on me the other day! and I can't tell him it wasn't a joke. I don't know what to do! please help me solve my problem. also, him and this girl are really liking each other and I hate it! they talk about kids name and she was his first kiss. ughh please help!


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  • well he hates you dating other guys the same reason you hate him dating other girls. I know a lot of people say its a jealousy thing but in my opinion I think its a proprty issue. not in the jerk way but as in like, hey that's my girlfriend what the hell is he doing kissing her? you know?yalls mindsets are still set as you two are still dating. if I were you I would get really involved with dating again and just be friends with this guy. or you can try to win him back but that other girls wouldn't like you.

    • Yea...but I haven't dated anyone and there is NOBODY atr my school to date because I'm going to a brand new school and I don't like anyone!

    • Be more aggressive than.approach guys you think are nice and I can assure you they are going to want to talk to you. your too cute =D. anyways I can assure you the guy won't turn you down.guys are much more desperate than girls lol.

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  • Not really a friend to you if she will date your ex...either put up with it or stop seeing them...


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  • i have the exact same problem. except I hate his guts now. when me and my ex were dating he cheated on me with my friend. now I hate her too. I hate thinking about how they are dating. it makes me want to murder both of them xD. but it hurts though. if you want him back you need to do something drastic. like get one of your friends that is a boy to flirt with your ex bff. make her tempted to cheat and get pictures of them kissing or something. its wrong I no, but if you would do anything to get him back, I say do that. or you can just tell him how you feel. but just no you are not alone. I no it hurts. I've been dealing with this for almost a year. but the best idea is to TRY to get over him. he's DATING your ex FRIEND! That's the most f***ed up thing ever! I am trying to move on. but I'm warning u, it WILL be very hard. Good luck:]


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