Girls what do you think? Will she come back?

Me and my ex broke up 5 weeks ago... we started talking again a week ago after no contact. When we started talking she said that she loves me and misses me. I asked her if she wanted to try things again, but not anytime soon. She said yes, but she won't consider it until she finds a job and is stable. 3 days later she calls me crying tell me she just wants to be friends and I asked what happened since our last talk. She said that she is not sure if she just needs time and she loves me and cares for me so she doesn't want to keep me on the back burner. She told me that she can't even tell me now if she needs time or not. She has been in a relationship for a long time. We were just together for 2 years but she just came out of a 4 year when I met her. She told me that right now she likes how she just stays home, studies, doesn't care if no one calls her all day... She just wanted me to know that she doesn't know what her mind set will be in a month or two. She says she may be like what the hell was I thinking and yes she wants to be with me but she just doesn't know. So what do I do from here... continue to talk to her? I asked her 2 days ago if she thought about us getting back together and she said she hasn't because she is just calm and stress free now.. But she also acknowledged how I said I didn't want to get back together now anyway... what do I do?


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  • if she jus needs time to her self m8 so she can realize what she wants I think you done the wrigt ting by giving her space I avent given mine space so she doesn't want to talk to me.. I tink if she truly loves you like it sounds like she does then I think given time she will come bk to u...


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