My ex refuses to tell me what he wants from me, and I do not know why?

We stared having strong feelings for each other really early in the relationship. After breaking up and getting back together for the same exact reason, he finally broke with me, telling me that we are moving too fast and wants to be alone. After a week he contacted me back on facebook, and than through text messages. He tells me about his day, calls me, calling me by the names we made up for each other when were dating. But now I am so confused he never tells me how he feels about me, and always saying if I only knew how I feel about him. So today I had enough I text him not to contact me ever again, unless he wants to be with me. But was it the right move even thought I love him so much? He was always scared of his feelings for me. But should I pay the price if someone else broke his heart before?


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  • It was def the right move. This guys cares about you and wants to be with you (hence the texting and messages) BUT he is not ready for commitment. I don't know why, there could be many reasons. But he will keep jerking you around. I know its hard because you love him, but if he can't give you what you want, why should you give him what he needs and settle for less? I should really take my own advice right now lol.


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