We broke up a year ago, why is he e-mailing me now?

We broke up a year ago and I don't really know why just one day he distanced himself and it happened. Afterward, he started to text me and we started to fight so I ended up changing my phone number.

Eventually I get an e-mail about how sorry he is and how much I was the one he loved and I have great kids and whoever I have a relationship with next should hold on to me, etc. I called him a few days later and asked him about it and he completed did a 180 and said we don't know each other any more. I let it be and we stopped talking 9 months ago.

Fast forward to recent. I get an e-mail 6 weeks ago from ex saying he was thinking about me and my kids and that he hopes we are all doing well. That he is sorry for everything and that he made a huge mistake. He said he didn't expect a reply.

I waited a few days and made a simple reply of We are doing great---really busy but good. Hope everything is well with you.

5 weeks later he writes another e-mail saying he is glad everything is going well with us and asked me how the kids were doing in school. I replied they are doing well, how have you been.

He replied that day that he started a business with his brother and that they have been busy. He asked how I have been. I responded that it was great they started the business and that I remember him talking about it prior and stated some of the things he previously told me.

He wrote back and said wow, I can't believe you remember all that. He than said you didn't answer how you have been.

I replied I was busy with school, work, and being a mom.

He e-mailed me today and asked me if I found a good man yet. I haven't responded as I am not sure why he is asking.

I am single and I loved this man, we were both 30 and dated over a year and talked about living together. We got a long great but just one day he distanced himself and well...the rest is paraphrased above..

Any ideas?


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  • well he's probably horny and has emotional regrets, he's not trying to strike up a normal friendship, it's plain as day that he wants back in your life. now if you do this or not is up to you, if not just let him go, simply stops the emails, it's better and easier than a messy battle over him just trying to be "friends" (but really trying to get back in your life as something more). use your best judgement, do what's right for you.

    • I guess, I figured all that you have mentioned, but I wanted an outsiders perspective. I wouldn't mind seeing where things go with ex but how do I get him to admit why he really e-mailed me?

      I did reply and said I have good friends and we sent a few e-mails back and forth talking about general things; i.e., weather, work, etc. Nothing major.

      Thanks for the answer!

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