We're "on break" but my boyfriend's still acting like nothing's changed, what does this mean?

Everything was and still is going great. This week things got really stressful at school for him with midterms/finals coming up and a sexual assault case going on at our school which he feels means that a break is needed. Personally, I'm going through the same things as we go to the same school but I don't want to take a break, we've had an amazing six months together. I don't think that a break is necessary.

I was obviously very upset by this when it happened, I got a text asking if I was okay from him pretty much right after he asked to take a break. I honestly thought it was over, I've always considered "taking a break" a subtle way of sliding out of a relationship any letting someone out easier. But now we've already started texting again and commenting on each other's Google+ posts. It's like nothing has changed, like we're still going strong for almost seven months. Not like school is stressful and there's been a guy sexting over twenty girls at our school. I'm not involved with that at all, it's not like my boyfriend would worry that I've ever been in contact with the guy.

This all seems a little sketchy to me, the "break", still texting, acting like nothing's happened. He claims there's a lot of drama going on with his friends right now. I've written everything I know.

Does anyone have any experience with this type of thing or any advice? I'm not really sure what's going on. I'm considering asking him what's going on and where we stand, when push comes to shove, I don't want him to mention breaking up for good. I don't care what the reasoning is, what's happened, anything. I never want to lose him, he and I communicate so well. We have a bond that people our age aren't capable of having. He's a family man, a car guy, knows how to be romantic, highly intelligent, plus his birthday was a few days ago (right after he asked to have a break) and I'm feeling really guilty about not having the heart to still give him his present even though he hurt me so much.
We're "on break" but my boyfriend's still acting like nothing's changed, what does this mean?
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