My boyfriend's ex girlfriend!!

I've just found old valentines cards, photos and love letters from my boyfriends ex...I don't know how to react but it has hurt me so much! I can't get my head round why he kept them. what should I do? its not the first time this has been an issue but I thought it was all over and now I find these...what should I do?


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  • I keep them too, it are memories, love memories. very important to males.

    Dont think he looks at them daily and fantasizes about her, he keeps them to look at only sometimes to remember the old time.

    • I was cleaning the house and accidentally stumbled upon exactly the same "secret stash". My Boyfriend has always been an adept of idea that nothing gets thrown away. I'm breaking him of this habit. Gradually. But "secret stashes" like that went in the trash without prior notice. That's it. I'm the present. That was the past.

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  • I keep old love letters as well. Its not that I am not over it, they are from years ago. I haven't been in contact with any of the guys in years. But they were great memories, so to say they mean nothing is wrong. But its like throwing away pictures of a friend that passed away. You aren't in contact with them and you don't look at them, but you don't want to throw it away the memories are great. . . Then on the other hand it depends on how old they are, if they are recent keep him in check make sure he is over those other girls. . if its not the first time it most def won't be the last time. Make sure you can trust him.


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