How to get the girl back?

Me and this girl weren't really sure of whether or not the opposite liked each other til we made out one night. Then things were a little weird but I asked her to be my girlfriend. About a week later she says she still likes me but isn't ready for a relationship. I'm not sure whether to believe that's really the reason or its something else. (she also did like me a good amount of time before we made out)

That was 3 weeks ago and she's recently asked me twice if I'm going to the upcoming dance.

What I want to know is how do I win her heart back 100% this time. I keep hearing different things like, agree with the breakup stay just casual friends for awhile and shell come back to you, and I've also heard I should just try to pursue her cause the girl likes being wanted. But I want to know the REAL way, Girls what do I do if you're in her situation. Please include details and instances and such cause I really want her back. What makes you really fall for the guy. Does being the non-jerky confident guy that approaches you not for sex work or do you feel like he's too easy to push around so you want the guy that is confident around you but also make it seems like he has other options and it doesn't matter that much to him if you don't like him. Do you like the guy to confide in you about his feelings for you or do you want him to be someone who doesn't show his feelings and stays strong and confident all the time around you?

All input is appreciated thanks girls


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  • A girl should like you for who you are plain and simple. If you have to act like someone else to get her then its not worth it. Your both young so I think not wanting to be in a relationship is a pretty honest and valid reason.

    If she keeps asking if your going to the dance then she probably has feelings for you but you must be yourself!

    Just play it cool and if anything happens it happens. Don't pressure her into anything thou.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Well firstly it sounds as though she might be playing hard to get because no she has had you she wants to be chased trust me hat you should d is pretend that you don't care for a while she will chase you just watch her reactions then after when she thinks your over her ask her to the dance cause that's what she obviously wanted and then when you ask her she will say yes if she wants you and realize if she docent act now she might lose you trust me works all the time

  • To be honest I don't think that it has anything to do with her not liking you. She probably just wants time to get to know you better before jumping into a relationship. She obviously still wants to spend more time with you, I think your looking to into it and should just relax and let things flow. The word relationship adds pressure when its just new, you know?


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  • I'm (was) in a similar situation but more serious because of our age. Best thing to do is lay back and see what happens. Best I have for you, your still in high school so even if this don't work out it's not a big deal may seem like it now but it's really not, just saying.

  • Just remember one thing, women don't like a guy who seems desperate or who can't take a hint. Your best bet is to play it cool. If you told her you like her, there really isn't much more you can do about it. The ball is in her court. Whatever happens will happen. Sorry it sounds cliche but its true.


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