When infatuation has left the building?

First boyfriend, I'm his first girlfriend.

SO much giggly giddy fun the first few months.

Skip forward to month 6.

Half a year.

We discuss everything on our minds, so he phrased a question to me that essentially asked if the infatuation was still there. (this being both our first relationship, we don't really know much about the feelings that go along with being together)

I said yes, but not 24/7 like before.

Now just at special moments.

But what is 24/7 is,

-just a natural feeling that urges me to be part of his life.

-a sort of understanding that he's a part of my world, I don't want taken away.

- a much deeper care (something bad happens in his life, I suddenly feel just as down)

- a comfort

- never nervous much anymore

i asked him the same.

He said something to a similar extent.

Then he said, and I will paraphrase,

that he thinks what shows good about a couple,

is there ability to still feel for each other,

after that initial excitement has dimmed down.

How many out there would agree with his statement?

Do you have any statements of your own?

any stories?


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  • I firmly believe that relationships take a different course after the initial "inseparable phase" is over. And it's harder to make it work during this phase than in the beginning. Because you start remembering the sparks of attraction you had as a new couple, and wonder why it doesn't always happen that way anymore. As people get more comfortable with each other, all while learning more about the other person, a "settling in" tends to develop, where the things that used to make you really respond are no longer unexpected. I mean there are still ways to deliver the unexpected but definitely not as easy as at the start. But I would argue that a relationship that gets this far ends up getting even more stronger, as the uncertainties about the strength of the relationship fade away and both sides can start opening up even deeper, and letting each other into their lives even more.


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