Does it mean anything when a girl says "I'm moving" on a dating site?

I recently had a girl hit me up on a dating site (she initiated contact) to tell me she liked my profile. When I asked if she wanted to chat she said she was too busy because she was in the middle of moving. Just a few days later another girl responded to me, showing a lot of interest, and invited me to chat. When I said yes, she said not now because she was in the middle of moving.

As I said both girls expressed interest in me. The first girl initiated contact, and the second girl invited me to chat. My responses were pretty standard, not weird or creepy.

Did they suddenly lose interest or are they really moving? Is "I'm moving" a message or is it just a coincidence?


P.S. I'm new to dating sites!


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What Girls Said 1

  • are you sure they're not the same girls...?

    Have you talked to them since? It seems weird to initiate contact but not follow through. maybe "i'm moving" is the new internet way of saying "sorry, but you're not as great as your profile led me to believe"


What Guys Said 1

  • well we did just enter a new montha nd a lot of people move around this time of year . but from my experience in door to door sales ( for a newspaper in my city ) when trying to sell a subscription if someone says there moving and that's why they don't want to sign up , its usually just an excuse to get rid of me from the door . so girls on a datng site could be the same way as people at door , it sounds like just another excuse .


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