I Let A Guy Know I like Him...Now What?

There is this guy and he seems kind of shy and seems like he likes me, but my friends (who don't know him) think that maybe he doesn't know that I like him. So I let him know in a note that I like him, etc. Now he waves at me every time he sees me, says hi if we are close enough, but that is it...hasn't asked me out or anything yet. Does the constant waving mean he really does like me then? How long should I wait for him to ask me out or something before I consider it a lost cause or that he isn't interested after all? We had been flirting off and on for a few months prior, so it isn't like I just let him know I like him just randomly out of the blue.


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  • Well-- I say only wait so long. If you let him know that you like him and he hasn't asked you out yet, it may be time to move on! I am guessing you would like a confident assertive man, like most women. It may be that he just doesn't have the balls to ask you out, lol! You should move on and find yourself a real man, life is too short to wait around for other people.

  • I think maybe somewhere around two weeks; If he hasn't changed anything about how he acts towards you, if he hsn't stopped to talk to you for longer or done SOMETHING to show he'd like to move closer to you, then maybe he does just see you as a friend, a girl, who likes him. But as you have said, he is kind of shy, so he might take a bit, or he might not know what to do, but I think you've done what you can, he knows how you feel, and if he wants anything to do with that, he's going to have to say or do something to make a move.

    • Your right, I have done all I can. Now the ball is in his court. If he wasn't interested, I wish he would have the courteousy to let me know that as well (which would have been an easy out and something he could do in a note as well). I truly believe he likes me based on some of his actions...prior, and actions after I left the note, as if to initially give me some sort of response that all is good, but like he isn't sure what he wants to do from there. I hope he figures it out one way or othe

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