First real fight with my ex?

Yesterday we had our first fight true whatsapp. And somehow it felt good to open up in a way we didn't before she even laught afterwards.
Can it really happen that we can get back together? Or am i mistaking the signals she was giving.
First real fight with my ex?


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  • This is one of those that if you can cruise your way outta it she'll prollystick stick around lol
    The little fight triggers emotions. You see these emotions as confirmation that you care
    Now it helps... if you can cruise past the fight though and make it into a happy bonding experience lol you'll be solid

    Just call her sexy a few times...😛

    • Yeah that where i am aiming at but she is still ignoring her feelings trying to hide them from me but i can tell she has a difficult time going true the breakup. She is not a girl that talks a lot about her emotions.

    • what break up? you guys broke up?

    • Yeah we did almost a month ago because she wouldn't talk about her emotions en just ended it. Left me with all these questions. And if i asked her why she couldn't give me a straight awnser. But now after almost 2 months she finaly opened up. And told me what i did wrong. The preasure that was present was instantly gone. Now i know what i did wrong and now i have the road to recovering our love ahead of me. She even told me its never going to work again.
      But never say never right.

  • You still in love with her.
    You haven't moved on.
    You love her and that's why you think like that.
    Still it depends on her
    If she's missing you too
    You two are made for each other.
    Shouldn't break up at all
    Over small reasons

    But better let her ask you about it.
    Else later you will be blamed for asking her again

    • Yeah i know i still am but i accepted the fact i could be that we aren't getting back together. But the thing is she is very shy and i asked her multiple times: whats wrong babe? Talk to me i feel there is something. And she replied there is nothing going on im good. And now she opened up and showed me what was on her mind and heart but it took some pressure to get it out en even mid conversation she wanted to stop talking. But after the whole conversation we talked normal again and that has been a while

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    • You are right and i serious want to but she is still sceptical about it all. She keeps saying we are never going to get back together. But still you hear doubt in her voice and the way she text me. Thats the confusing part of it all. And i will fight for this. Gonna put in all the time and energy that i have. And she knows i am patient. Thanks for the motivational speech💯

    • You're welcome.
      I have lost my love I know how it feels.
      Please don't lose yours i don't want anyone else to be in such pain.

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