Do we have the potential to start a relationship and if so how should I go about it? Or does he just want sex?

So I met this guy about a 1.5 years ago and when we started off we had frequent phone convos and he was really interesting and all that lovely stuff. Then after a couple of dates and "sleepovers" things slowed down for us. He had mentioned in the past something about us having a relationship and I felt we were moving towards that as well until we slowed down. Mind you, I did have clingy and needy behaviors as he is a police officer with crazy hours that I didn't understand until reading blogs about girls and guys and clinginess and how its scary to men. Anyways, we had minimal contact since I stopped calling and called it quits about 8 months ago but he would still here and there text or call and I was kinda over it by then. But, this year I invited him out for my b day and he couldn't make it but made sure to send me a b day text which I thought was sweet and unexpected. Since then we have been in touch and have spent sometime together. I do know that he recently ended a relationship that appeared to have been rocky for awhile now (but we all know how break ups go!). Anyways he is generally and has always been really affectionate and attentive when we are around each other which is what I like most and would like to get to know better but he is inconsistent with the phone and doesn't make regular plans to be with me. I am not sure if he is trying to play the field, figure out his break up situation, or assess his feelings overall but I don't want to press the situation and I do know that he has a busy schedule and all but I don't want to be around for sex purposes and as an ego booster either. Lol the other day he told me to send him my work address so he could send me flowers and he also came over to play a game, have dinner and drinks with me since he got off work early but still he doesn't always return calls and we sometimes go weeks without talking?
O and I text him the other day telling him how much I enjoyed our night together and he text me back like 9 hrs later saying "I enjoyed every moment we spent together baby". I thought I was sweet but really WTF 9 hrs later? I need some consistency ppl!


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  • he could have been busy, now I doo agree I think he is playing the field however if you enjoy your encounters then continue and see where it takes you,


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  • if he has all this time to hook up with you, but convieniently hasn't started a relationship with you yet or made serious effort for you then he probably just wants sex


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