Is my boyfriend cheating on me?

OK so my boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend broke up a year and a half ago and a couple months after they broke up him and I got together. Well he knows that I don't like him talking to her so on August 4, 2010 he got the internet so he asked his best friend for her number so he can ask her what his email address was. And he told me later that day that he had talked to her and stuff like that. Well that following Saturday I went to his house and something in my gut was telling me to look through his cell phone. So when he left the bedroom to go to the bathroom then to smoke a cigarette I went through his text messages and I had saw a message from a number that he didn't program into his phone. So I read it and she had said, " You have Lauren you shouldn't be missing me." And he had saved that 1 text she had sent him but erased al the other ones from that day. Then I looked in the sent box to see what h said to her. Well he had erased all the ones he sent to her that day except for one and I opened it and it was a picture of his penis. I confronted him about it and at first he said that he didn't do it and that it must have been someone else. I didn't believe it so later that day he changed it and said that he sent that picture as a joke. Now it has bothered me that he did that so I was wondering what should I do about it? Should I believe him? Did he cheat on me?


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  • forget him hun..i went through almost the EXACT SAME THING. dump him. if he is willing to send nudes and tell an ex he misses her then he must still have feelings for don't need a man who has feelings for another female. you deserve a man who only has feelings for you.

  • he might still be emotionally tied to her and begging her for sex. I mean, she rejected him but he is the one that is not too into you and still into him. it seems pretty obvious that he still wants her. it's your call to either tell him to love you more and quit and trust that he will and does love you or to cut it with him... a guy who obviously still loves his ex.

    I'd hate to be in your shoes. I'd dump him if I was you but I'm in a similar situation and I can't dump the guy because I love him and I think things will get better for us. good luck


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