What should I do about my ex? He's hounding me and I have a boyfriend!

I used to date this kid Mike but he dumped me two weeks after we started. I was sad but had another guy Adam who was there for me. So after talking to this guy Adam who talked to me for a month. We started dating and I'm so happy with him. Yet mikes been calling me and begging me to call him. He claims that he loves me so much well he had his chance and I'm much happier with the boyfriend I have. Every time I get my ex out of my mind he says I love you and call me. He’s been calling me everyday almost and I don’t want to talk to him. Sure a part of me loves him but he hurt me and never tried to see me or whatever. I don’t know what to do I tried being friends with mike but he never really liked the idea of just friends because he wants me bad. I don’t want him at all and my boyfriend adam is everything I need. He picked up the pieces of my broken heart and I love him.


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  • Ignore him, don't have any contact and stick with the new guy if he makes you happy. Eventually he will stop calling, if you ignore him


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  • I think he feels bad cause you replaced him quickly. Which is good for you, he just can't take the fact he didn't left you sad and lonely, crying for him. Well that's not your problem, let him beg till he gets tired. It's not love he's feeling. He just wants you back to feel better about himself.


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